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Think back to the person who had a profound and positive effect on your life and the choices you’ve made as an adult. Picture the person’s face. Hear the words of encouragement and absolute belief in the possibility of you in this person’s voice. Recall the feelings of self-confidence and assuredness you had in your personal judgment, ability and power to get things done because this person first believed in the possibility of you. Now imagine having the opportunity to replicate this with hundreds of youth.
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Southern California Edison

Entrusted Legacy (ETL) is proud to announce the continued support of Southern California Edison. In the 2014-2015 school year, SoCal Edison is providing financial support for Entrusted Legacy to bring Sci-Gineering, a hands-on science learning program, to 12 afterschool programs in the Antelope Valley operated by the RISE program. So let’s take a look at the partners in this collaboration. Southern California Edison provides power for over 14 million people in Southern California. It is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of power. SoCal has been a longtime supporter of the communities to which they provide power.

edison map
As you can see by looking at the map, Edison provides power throughout Southern California and has supported Entrusted Legacy’s work with the Downey ASPIRE Afterschool Program, Bellflower’s Project APPLE, and now the RISE program. RISE, serves children and youth in twelve Antelope Valley (Lancaster, Palmdale, and Pearblossom) schools. Last year ETL had the opportunity to provide science training to the RISE team of dedicated role models and mentors. SoCal Edison’s investment allows ETL to expand upon this experience and bring Sci-Gineering’s minds-on science curriculum to the youth who attend these afterschool programs. Sci-Gineering builds on an Engineering Design Model: Ask, Imagine, Plan and Organize, Build and Test, Review and Strengthen and gives youth 50 interactive science learning experiences. Entrusted Legacy, a 501 (c) (3) organization committed to seeing every child has a positive role model and mentor who will help them learn new and important things in the time outside of school will train, coach and support the RISE staff as they deliver this curriculum. On behalf of project RISE and ETL, a giant THANKS to Southern California Edison for continuing to make a difference in the lives of children and youth in Southern California.

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