Influence and Impact

Entrusted Legacy (ETL) is a non-profit that is working to be sure that every youth has a positive role model and mentor.  We believe that most adults who work with youth, would like to fill this role, but are often unclear about how to do this.  ETL believes that one of the best ways to ensure the number of role models and mentors needed by our youth, is to prepare afterschool professionals to accept this role.

Being a role model begins through building relationships with youth that demonstrate the adult is interested in spending time with the youth, will be there for them to support them and help them make good choices, and ultimately believe in the unique possibilities the young person has.  Role models and mentors must have high standards for themselves and high expectations of those they mentor.  ETL works with partners like Southern California Edison, Consult 4 Kids and private donors to make this happen.  Recently, one person who benefited from this support commented, I don’t know if you know just how much of an impact you have had on my life (career.)  You have redirected my path, confirming to me that YOUTH DEVELOPMENT really can make an impact on our youth if we are dedicated to the systems and processes it takes to follow through with all the training you provided to me.”

Join with us so we can continue supporting the growth and development of those who work with youth.  When we invest in one adult, the number of youth they will touch in a lifetime is exponential.

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