According to the Greeks there are four types of love.  Eros, or romantic love, is inspired by deep feelings of passion and desire.  Storge is the type of love that family and friends have for one another.  This type of love is unconditional and is accepting of flaws and faults and will ultimately lead you to forgive. It is committed love that helps people to feel secure, comfortable, and safe.  Phileo love while affectionate and warm, is not Eros, but rather rooted in a deep and abiding friendship.  Agape, the fourth type of love identified by the Greeks is an unconditional love that sees beyond the surface and accepts a person just as he/she is.  It is the love you feel not because someone “deserves” it but rather because they are human.  It is about giving and expecting nothing in return and is played out in the choices and interactions we have with others.


Youth workers interact regularly with children and youth, and it is important each understands how to interact with youth in supportive ways.  We like to say we hold youth and one another in “unconditional, positive regard.”  We believe each youth has a “best” day yet to come and he/she will continue to unleash the potential that lies within.  We believe that holding youth in this sort of regard leads them to understand how valuable they are as unique contributors to the world.  We believe this validates the notion of “I Matter!  Lao-Tzu says, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”  Holding youth in “unconditional positive regard” unleashes the power of youth to reach his/her potential.


If you can be, choose to be a role model and mentor for youth.  If you can’t be, choose to support a youth worker who is.  Join us in our work at Entrusted Legacy. or donate by going to

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