What is the fabric you are made of?  Certainly it is your experiences and learning and the memories created from those experiences and learning.  It has been said that “A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime.”  This is true of all memories, those snapshots we keep in our minds and hearts.  Our memories are made of all of the words spoken to us, about us, and by us.  Made of feelings those words conjure in us.  A part of us whether explicitly remembered or only the affects they cause.

What sort of memories are you creating for young people?  Are you sending the positive messages you received as a youth or the ones you would like to have had?  Are you taking care that even the unpleasant and confronting experiences are surrounded by caring and love?  Are you helping youth understand at making mistakes is okay because that is how we learn?  Are you demonstrating they are only one good decision away from making a positive difference for themselves?  If the answer is “yes”, then you are helping young people proclaim, “I matter!” and in helping them you are helping yourself as well.

If you can be, choose to be a role model and mentor for youth.  If you can’t be, choose to support a youth worker who is.  Join us in our work at Entrusted Legacy. or donate by going to


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