The Warm Fuzzies

One of the things we encourage people to do is create a “warm fuzzy” file.  What’s that, you may ask?  The answer, it is a collection of kind words, acknowledgements, praises, thank you’s, and pictures to remind us we are appreciated and valued.  A file is not the only place you can keep these “warm fuzzies”.  You can keep them in a picture frame, as refrigerator art, on your desk, or as mementoes on the shelf.  The important thing is you keep them where you can access them again to review and replay the sentiments when you need them most.

All of us have received accolades of one sort or another.  And all of us have a bad day or a run of bad days, when we question and wonder if anything we are doing makes a difference.  It’s on days like this we need a “warm fuzzy file”.  This is when we can pull out past complements and remember there are days and weeks when things do go well.  We can remember that what we do impacts others.  We can acknowledge, “I Matter!” which is essential if kids are to learn from our example.

If you can be, choose to be a role model and mentor for youth.  If you can’t be, choose to support a youth worker who is.  Join us in our work at Entrusted Legacy. or donate by going to

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