Champion Individuals

Entrusted Legacy supports people from diverse settings.  The criteria--youth workers, individual youth, groups of youth.  Through our work we reach out to help those who need and ask for support.  Our goal is to touch millions of lives and in doing this, touch the future.  

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Entrusted Legacy Supports Individuals

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Personal Goals

It is impossible to know what everyone needs and what they want to pursue.  Entrusted Legacy reviews applications for support of personal goals and happily works to help passionate people help themselves while helping others.


Individual Efforts

ETL gets behind people who are working hard to make inroads and fulfill their passions.  We've sponsored a Grandparent's Campaign to support youth as well as a Working Mother's Campaign to support afterschool programs.  

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Unique Requests

Entrusted Legacy fields a number of unique requests for support each month.  Our Board reviews each of these requests and if the request is within the scope of our mission, we offer our support.  We value our ability to change the trajectory of a life.

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"I have a dream to compete in track and field at a world-class level.  I have dedicated hundreds of hours to practicing for the decathalon each month.  One of my fellow decathlets in I applied for ETL support and were granted it.  I appreciate the support in taking 100% ownership of my journey."

Nick, Decathlete

Support Youth and Youth Workers

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