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Entrusted Legacy, better known as ETL, always is looking for Self-Employed Independent Contractors. We have multiple possibilities to choose from. Our compensation and commission structures and pay rates are extremely competitive. We also pay bonuses and residuals.

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Entrusted Legacy's Freelancers

Fund Developers

Entrusted Legacy is always looking for Fund Developers, people who know how to build relationships with donors and share the importance of the work we do, for youth today and the future.  Talk to us about our compensation plan.

Event Planners

Entrusted Legacy organizes several events each year, the most notable our annual Spring Drawing.  Our Event Planners take charge of these events and organize every aspect of the event.  Event Planners represent ETL in the community.

Grant Writers

Entrusted Legacy receives funding each year by writing grants.  Our Grant Writers do a magnificent job of sharing our work.  Usually they serve as the Grant Manager and Evaluator as well since they have a deep knowledge of the work.

Travel (2)


"I have a dream to compete in track and field at a world-class level.  I have dedicated hundreds of hours to practicing for the decathalon each month.  One of my fellow decathlets in I applied for ETL support and were granted it.  I appreciate the support in taking 100% ownership of my journey."

Nick, Decathlete

Support Youth and Youth Workers

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