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Entrusted Legacy offers online training to youth leaders who are rookies, seasoned, or veteran staff attempting to apply best practices in their work with youth.  Donors can sponsor this training for an individual or a team which supports over 100 children each day.  Program Managers can purchase the training for their staff at reduced rates when we have awards available.  We also have lesson plans to share with Youth Leaders for them to use during their program.  These too can be donated or purchased.

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Training, Lesson Plans, Other Supports

Online Training

Entrusted Legacy provides Online Training for adults who work with youth on a daily basis through one of its partners.  The training is available to them from any computer, 24/7, 365 days a year.  Training covers the nine basics of exemplary performance.  We often have partial and full scholarships to help with the cost.

Lesson Plans

Entrusted Legacy provides detailed lesson plans for English Language Arts, math, conflict resolution, character education, science, monthly themes and physical activity.  These plans can be purchased through one of our partners.  When we have awards available these plans are available at reduced or no cost.

Other Supports

Entrusted Legacy provides other supports for Youth Workers.  We offer face-to-face training in the fundamentals, leadership training, youth development, conflict resolutions, and science training to name a few.  These other supports can be accessed through our Online Store.  Again, cost can be reduced because of our scholarships.



"My children and grandchildren have benefited from participating in afterschool programs.  They have learned from caring, passionate people, hungry for training and support.  By giving money to Entrusted Legacy I know I am supporting the development of dedicated professionals so they can impact children as positive role models and mentors.  My contributions can join with those of others to have a collective impact.

Anonymous ETL Donor

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