Interactive Communication

Is Free-Free? Today it is!

At ETL we share the most current information we have about working with youth and what it takes to be a positive and effective role model and mentor.  We can share this information with you in many ways including webinars, phone conversations, email, Skype and more.

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Here's How We Communicate


Nothing is better than face-to-face conversations where you can practice a give-and-take exchange and see who you are talking with.

By Phone

Talking on the phone gives you an opportunity to react and respond to what is being said.  You can interact by asking and answering questions.

By Email

When distance prevents face-to-face, and schedules eliminate the opportunity to talk on the phone, an email conversation can do the trick.

Portrait of retired woman sitting at the garden while using ebook reader. Senior female using digital tablet and relaxing in her beautiful garden at home.


"Having a partner to support my desire to help afterschool programs was awesome, and ETL was that partner.  The Grandparents' Campaign was my way of giving back.  I was an elementary teacher for nearly 40 years and then worked with afterschool staff after I retired.  I believe the work they do has a positive influence on kids.  This campaign was my way of giving other seniors like me an opportunity to touch the future."

Debra, Grandmother

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