Everybody Can Make A Difference

Have you ever heard of these people:  Jonas Corona, Alanna Wall, and Tim Tyrrell?  They are amazing for several reasons.  First, they are all children.  If you would like to read more about them you can find information about them in Reading A-Z’s Close Reading Packs.  Jonas lives in Long Beach, California and at 10 years old organized food and clothing drives for the homeless and collect school supplies for school-age kids.  He advocated for other to get involved through his GIVE (Grow, Inspire Volunteer, Educate) program and as a youngster, was able to make a difference in the lives of others.

Alanna Wall is from Dayton, Ohio.  She developed concern for girls who were in the hospital for long periods of time.  She worried they might get depressed and stopped feeling like they were special.  So she coordinated her friends to go to the hospital and polish the nails of the girls who were confined to the hospital.

Timmy Tyrrell from Virginia loves to race go-carts and he began to raise money through his racing to help families pays for medicine, doctor’s visits and hospital stays.  Timmy (known in the go-cart world as Mini) became interested in helping when he was only six and his friend Ella was diagnosed with childhood cancer.  To date he has raised thousands of dollars for his cause.

The thing that all of the children have in common is the understanding they can make a difference.  They can be the one voice to speak up and speak out to make a difference.  You can be that voice to support role models and mentors.  Join us in making a difference, in being the one voice.

If you can work directly with youth, wonderful!  Contact your local youth serving organizations and volunteer.  If you can’t, support someone who does work with youth.  Contribute to their training at www.entrustedlegacy.org

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