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Entrusted Legacy uses your donations to support youth and the youth workers who are their role models and mentors.  Ninety per cent of your investment goes directly to support youth workers.  You can touch the future by donating today.  

Award Applications

Entrusted Legacy provides access to materials and online training to youth workers.  You may apply for an award, which if approved by our Board, ad can defray part  or all of the cost.  Donations earmarked by donors are used to support this training.  Apply for an award today!

Sponsor Others

Entrusted Legacy offers awards for youth workers who guide youth on a daily basis.  The awards covers online training, comprehensive lesson plans, and other supports.  Please donate and earmark your donation for these awards.  Your gift can make a difference.

Who should get involved?

Think back to your role models and mentors.  Think about the positive affect they had on your life?  Your involvement could provide youth with that same opportunity.

People Just Like YOU!

It's important to understand youth can't wait for someone else to step up to the plate.  They need people like you to help make a difference in their lives.  Join with Entrusted Legacy to make a difference.

Touch the future with YOUR legacy. Invest in Entrusted Legacy's work today!

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