LIve Assistance

Entrusted Legacy has well over 100 years of expertise and field experience to share with you.  We work with school day, expanded learning, and other youth workers. 

We offer three types of live assistance.  The first is face-to-face, when we can actually be in the same room with our clients.  We enjoy consulting, professional development, and coaching.  We give keynote addresses to inspire teams as well.

A second type of live assistance is found in virtual interactions.  These include Zoom, Face Time, Skype, or other means. We work to make this the same interactive experience that occurs when we are all in the same room.

A third type of live assistance is what we called "delayed correspondence".  This is an option which maximizes time through communication via email and/or text. 


Decision Time

You are at a crossroads.  It's time to choose a live assistance option or learn more.

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Live Assistance


Entrusted Legacy has consultants, trainers, and coaches ready to act as thought partners as you problem solve, offer professional development for staff.  Our keynote speakers will inspire and engage  your workforce with relevant topics.


Virtual Interactions

ETL provides interactive consulting, coaching and professional development through Zoom, Face Time, and Skype.  We utilize breakout rooms and other methods to engage our participants.  We can support you via these methods.


Delayed Correspondence

The Entrusted Legacy Team can also support you via what we consider "delayed means"--email and text.  We understand that for people who wear numerous hat, this is the method which best fits a very busy schedule.

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"It has been very helpful to have Entrusted Legacy Support.  I've gone through the training myself and have also taken advantage of scholarships for lesson plans.  My kids have loved them and I can attest to the fact they are kid approved."

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Support Youth and Youth Workers

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