Outstanding Opportunities

Effective Employees

Entrusted Legacy hires employees who feel a deep connection to our mission to support youth by developing the adult leaders who are their role models and mentors.  We serve youth workers holistically, and individuals specifically

Fabulous Freelancers

There are many opportunities for self-employed independent contractors at Entrusted Legacy.  Whether you are interested in fund development, fund raising, writing grants, or spreading the word, Entrusted Legacy needs you.

Valued Supports

Volunteers and interns directly support the work we do at Entrusted Legacy.  From Prayer Warriors to workers at our events, from office support to field work, Entrusted Legacy values these supports.

Who can get involved in our work?

Entrusted Legacy is on the lookout for the passionate and dedicated people who understand our nation is only as healthy as our children--not just physically but emotionally and socially.

ETL Needs People Just Like You!

If you believe in helping young people recognize the possibility within themselves--if you think it takes a village, Entrusted Legacy invites you to join us in changing the future, one youth at a time.

Touch the future with YOUR legacy. Invest in Entrusted Legacy's work today!

Not quite sure yet?

Why not visit our contact page, we would love to chat with you!