Professional Learning

Entrusted Legacy values the work of Youth Workers and knows these dedicated and passionate professionals can benefit from training.  We make training available face-to-face and via the web.  The training we provide supports Youth Workers as they strive to be the most positive role models and mentors for young people possible.  

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Training and Support We Offer

Lesson plans

Written Courses

Written Vocational Courses are available in eBook format.  They come complete with discussion questions, quizzes, and practical suggestions.

Live Assistance

Terrific Training

We offer training in face-to-face formats, tailored to meet the needs of groups of Youth Workers.  We provide foundational and leadership training for Frontline Staff.  

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Instructional Videos

We provide Youth Workers with access to over 400 videos, available 24/7-365 days a year.  Videos are geared to cover the basics.


Interactive Webinars

Many Youth Workers have limited time to attend training.  ETL connects staff to interactive webinars which are archived for future access.

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Lesson Plans

Entrusted Legacy can facilitate access to over 2,000 lesson plans, designed to support all aspects of learning.


Field Wisdom

Entrusted Legacy provides informative blogs and newsletters which share the latest wisdom from the field--those who actually work with youth.



"I learned so much from the online training I took.  I also attended the interactive webinars and used the lesson plans to make my class more interesting.  The scholarship I got from ETL really helped."


Support Youth and Youth Workers

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