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Entrusted Legacy welcomes introductions and referrals from our donors.  We've found when you share your appreciation for the work we do with others, it helps them to see the possibility of investing in the future with us.  We are happy if those introductions are in person, via phone, or a virtual introdution through email.  

If you are willing to provide an introduction please follow the directions below and we'll be in touch

Simply enter your name and email address below.  And remember, we hate spam as much as you do and will never share your information.

Introduce Us

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Your Family

ETL would love an introduction to your family--brother, sister, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, grandparents, cousins, children and even someone you consider family who isn't actually family but a long time friend of the family.  

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Your Friends

Entrusted Legacy would also like to be introduced to your friends, whether they are a friend for life or a rather new acquaintance.  If they are passionate about helping youth and the adults who work with them, then ETL should be of interest.

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Your Colleagues

Share the satisfaction you gain from helping Youth Workers be positive role models and mentors for youth with your work place colleagues.  Sharing your passion with them can ony serve to bring you closer.

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Business Associates

Entrusted Legacy would like to meet your business associates--your vendors, suppliers, and affiliates.  We believe they would appreciate the opportunity to support Youth Workers and touch the future as well.

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Youth Champions

When we care about youth and the adults who work with them, we often run across people who are "Champions for Youth".  Entrusted Legacy would like to meet these "Champions" so we could partner with them.

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"We were introduced to Entrusted Legacy by our son.  He learned of their work with youth and youth leaders.  He knew as educators we would be interested in giving back and supporting the development of positive role models and mentors for youth.  We invest every year."

The Taylors

Support Youth and Youth Workers

Touch the future with YOUR legacy.  Invest in Entrusted Legacy's work today!