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Is Free-Free? Today it is! We have Free, complimentary materials as supplies last.

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Free Supports

Tip Sheets

Working with youth is highly rewarding but with this reward come challenges.  Entrusted Legacy offers "Tip Sheets" on ways to be a positive role model and mentor for youth.

Upcoming Events

Entrusted Legacy loves to share information about upcoming events which help and support youth, even if they aren't ours.  You will find information and links for our own and other events.

Sample Materials

Entrusted Legacy has samples of lesson plans and other materials which our collaborators have provided us with that you can access in our store, and the price tag is FREE.

Elderly husband and wife networking at home

"We were introduced to Entrusted Legacy by our son.  He learned of their work with youth and youth leaders.  He knew as educators we would be interested in giving back and supporting the development of positive role models and mentors for youth.  We invest every year."

The Taylors

Support Youth and Youth Workers

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