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Entrusted Legacy is a 501 (c) (3), and our charter identifies our work with the adults who are role models and mentors for youth and with youth themselves.  One of the supports we offer is a scholarship for Youth Workers which will give them access to training in the basic foundation needed to work with youth successfully.  This web-based training is available 24/7 365.  We have honored requests for lesson plan support and singular requests for unique  goals and dreams.  We have a simple application process.  We take applications to our Board and then communicate with the applicant.  If you are interested in applying, please fill in the contact information on the right.  

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Individual Requests

Entrusted Legacy supports individuals who are seeking to strengthen their interactions with youth.  We have helped Youth Workers, coaches, para-eduators, and informal youth leaders.  We believe all youth need positive role models and mentors.


Group Training

Are you the supervisor of a group of Youth Workers?  Are you looking for easy-to-access, web-based training which will provide your team with the basics of exemplary performance?  Are you looking for a low cost or no cost option?  ETL can help.

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Lesson Plans

Do your Youth Workers struggle having the time to build relationships with youth AND develop well-designed lesson plans?  Entrusted Legacy provides lesson plan support for specific content areas and grade level clusters.


Sci-Gineering Lessons

STEM-related lessons can be challenging to develop.  Entrusted Legacy has scholarshps available for 50 lessons which provide hands-on, minds-on experiences with the Engineering Design Process. 


Amazing Clubs

Art~Drama~Reading~Math~Team Challenges.  All of these are clubs and Entrusted Legacy has scholarships for lesson plans which lay these clubs out for Youth Leaders.  You can strengthen your program with a simple application.  


Sci-Cuisine Lessons

Entrusted Legacy has scholarships for 24 lessons which focus on cuisine (and what youth doesn't enjoy cooking) and the science of different foods.  For example, can you define the differenece between a fruit and a vegetable?  

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"It has been very helpful to have Entrusted Legacy Support.  I've gone through the training myself and have also taken advantage of scholarships for lesson plans.  My kids have loved them and I can attest to the fact they are kid approved."

Mark, Site Leader

Support Youth and Youth Workers

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