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Entrusted Legacy appreciates the work done by Youth Workers.  So, we have opportunities for them to win prizes, earn rewards, and participate in what we call "serendipities".  This means we sometimes just randomly select these professionals to win prizes which have been donated to us just for that purpose.  Join us in saying a big "Thank You!"

Interested in donating products or services for our serendipities?  Need more information?

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Serendipities We've Given Away

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Gift Cards

We've given gift cards from Chevron, Target, In and Out, Amazon, and many other places afterschool professionals enjoy.  We've given these prizes for "wisdom" submitted, icons clicked on and just randomly.  Support our efforts.


Local Services

Entrusted Legacy works with Youth Workers all over the United States. Sometimes people donate services that are very localized.  Entrusted Legacy then works with local afterschool providers to give the serendipity.   


Kid's Stuff

Youth Workers enjoy rewarding and recognizing the young people they work with.  We have donors who use Entrusted Legacy as an intermediary to distribute items that youth, Kindergarten through high school enjoy.


Raffle Prizes

Each year Entrusted Legacy's Annual Raffle is a success because of the generosity of our donors who provide us with prizes and gift cards.  ETL then utilizes the earnings from the Raffle to support Youth Workers.  


Surprising Serendipities

Have you ever received a "thank you" for no apparent reason?  Entrusted Legacy gives away surprising serendipities for no apparent reason to the hard working front-line staff--both Youth Leaders and Site Supervisors.

A Leader 1

"Sometimes at the end of the day I am tired and disappointed the day did not go better.  When I received a "surprising serendipity" from one of Entrusted Legacy's donors it made my day.  I call it my 'warm fuzzy'.  Thanks to those who donate and to ETL for acting as an intermediary."

Maria, Program Leader

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