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Not everyone can work directly with youth as a positive role model and mentor.  However, everyone can support those youth workers who do.  When you donate to Entrusted Legacy, ninety percent of your investment goes to youth and youth workers.  

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How We Use Our Donations


Online Training

At Entrusted Legacy we are proud to support youth workers with access to online training for free.  It is important these adults, who become role models and mentors for youth, have the appropriate training they need to do an exemplary job as they influence the youth they work with.

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Face-to-Face Training

Entrusted Legacy will also provide face-to-face professional development and training to adults who work with  youth both during the school day and after school and on weekends.  We provide this training at no or low cost dependent on how our donations are earmarked.

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Lesson Plans

Youth Workers have told us at Entrusted Legacy that one of the challenges they have is planning lessons.  They tell us that there just isn't enough time to plan quality lessons.  At ETL we offer fabulous lesson plans at little or no cost to youth workers.

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"Sometimes at the end of the day I am tired and disappointed the day did not go better.  When I received a "surprising serendipity" from one of Entrusted Legacy's donors it made my day.  I call it my 'warm fuzzy'.  Thanks to those who donate and to ETL for acting as an intermediary."

Maria, Program Leader

Support Youth and Youth Workers

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