Support Youth

Entrusted Legacy supports youth directly and indirectly.  Its direct support is offered in sports clinics, STEAM experiences, and by working directly with young people in afterschool programs.  We support them indirectly by providing training for Youth Workers so each can be a positive role model and mentor for youth.

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Support Youth


Sports Clinics

Entrusted Legacy provides sports clinics for kids who would like to improve their skills in a particular sport.  We believe physical activity is a crucial part of healthy living and sports are a wonderful way to engage youth.  


STEAM Experiences

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) is a wonderful way to engage young people in hands-on, minds-on exploration and learning.   ETL's volunteers provide these experiences for youth in afterschool programs.


Afterschool Programs

Entrusted Legacy finds volunteers who have an interest and passion to share with children and youth.  Cake decorating, karate, music, choral reading, yoga--all of these are interesting to youth.  A win-win for everyone.


Youth Interest

Entrusted Legacy is always interested in connecting youth, Youth Workers and community members to provide engaging, interesting learning experiences for youth.  Until a youth has experienced decorating a cake or a karate kick, how can they know where their interest and passion lies?  We're open to your interests and how you might share with youth.



"I have loved music my entire life.  I play the piano and have been in choirs since I was in 5th grade.  When I found Entrusted Legacy I found a way to share my love of music.  I volunteer at an afterschool program and help with the showcases and galas the program presents several times each year.  It's great because I don't want to do it "all", but I love being able to work with others to create a great show."

Jane, Volunteer

Support Youth and Youth Workers.

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