The Power of Doubling Your Efforts

If math isn’t your strongest subject, the whole notion of effects of doubling may not mean too much to you.  Here is a simple exercise.  Which would you rather have, $5,000,000 or a penny a day doubled for a month?  You may be thinking to yourself, is this a trick question—I think I could take the $5M and leave the penny alone.  If you chose the $5M, you would be wrong.  The fact of the matter is that while it is definitely go slow to go fast, in the end the penny doubled every day for 30 days equals $5,368,708.80.  If you’re lucky and in a 31 day month, your total is $10,737,417!  When you get to day 20 and you have only $5,243—you are grateful you chose to go with the straight $5M.  The phenomena that happens after this point, however, is quite interesting and the power of doubling is apparent.  Now if you really want to blow your mind, you would move from doubling to exponential growth which is staggering.

While one person is incredibly important, especially to get the ball rolling, it is when one person  doubles and then the double is doubled and so on that you begin to magnify the difference you are making.  Will you become our partner and help us to enjoy the success of being doubled?  Contact us today at

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