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ETL Blog

ETL publishes a weekly blog to update donors, volunteers, and youth workers on our latest endeavors.  We also share insight into working with youth as positive role models and mentors.

Archived Webinars

Entrusted Legacy offers webinars both live and archived which  you can take advantage of by tuning in.  We also connect you to other webinars or videos which can be of interest.

Written Materials

Entrusted Legacy publishes items which can provide you with information on working with youth topics.  Sometimes they are in eBook format, other times as a pdf file.  You can access on your phone.



"I didn't know how great volunteering could make me feel.  I could only give 5 hours a week, but in that 5 hours I was able to get alot accomplished.  One week, I worked on donations for the Annual Raffle, created a newsletter, and researched information for a blog post.  I was able to give the best of me and help a great cause, all at the same time.  Thanks, Entrusted Legacy."

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