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Do you want to give back?  Do you want to make a difference in the lives of young people?  No matter what your interest, your talent, or the number of hours you can volunteer, Entrusted Legacy has meaningful work you can do.  Entrusted Legacy is looking for willing hands and hearts so we can realize our mission to ensure every youth in America has the positive role models and mentors they need and deserve.

Looking for ways to volunteer?  

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Volunteer Opportunities

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Creative Originators

Do you enjoy creating something from scratch-developing an idea into something useful?  ETL has opportunities for Vocational Manufacturers, Treasure Assemblers, Video Creators, Harvvest Grabbers, and Materials Makers.   


General Helpers

Do you have the skills to be a utility player, a researcher, offer thoughtful critiques, or pst to social media?  Entrusted Legacy volunteers can be Purposeful Generalizers,Broad Reserchers, Critique Analyzers, and Enhancement Bolsterers.  


Thoughtful Collaborators

Do you like connecting and sharing information and opportunities? Do you love to spread the word about good work and even better causes? -ETL has volunteer opportunities for Crucial Connectors, Super Sharers and Lone Mavens

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Charismatic Generators

Do you like to “make things happen” and serve as a catalyst for great work to be completed by others?  Entrusted legacy has volunteer opportunities for Key Investigators, Feature Highlighters, Famous Endorsers, Timely Updaters, Stuffy Stuffers, and Backer Askers.


Dedicated Drivers

Take a leadership role by volunteering at Entrusted Legacy as a Dedicated Drive supporting our work through prayer, chairing committees, and recruiting others.  ETL has volunteer options as Committee Heads, Prayer Warriors and Prayer Warrior Coordinators, and Entity Builders 



Entrusted Legacy provides opportunities for people to learn through work as interns or externs.  Our virtual office is supported by precise training, clear expectations, and coaching support to help you do your best work.



"I didn't know how great volunteering could make me feel.  I could only give 5 hours a week, but in that 5 hours I was able to get alot accomplished.  One week, I worked on donations for the Annual Raffle, created a newsletter, and researched information for a blog post.  I was able to give the best of me and help a great cause, all at the same time.  Thanks, Entrusted Legacy."

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