Recently I was channel surfing, disappointed that I wasn’t finding something to pique my interest.  Just about when I had given up, I happened upon a PBS channel that I didn’t even realize was in my service area.  A young man was talking about his passion for rescue animals and how in trying to save them he had found his career in being an animal photographer.  He was speaking to a group of volunteers who were interested in using their photographic skills to help the shelter animals as well.  He began by asking them to consider the infomercials on television that show one pathetic and sad animal after another and how those pictures made them feel.  He followed up by asking how many of them turned the channel because it was just too sad to watch.  Most responded with a nod or a raised hand of agreement.

He went on to say that his goal was to show these same animals in a positive light by taking pictures of them that showed them to be alert, interested, and a pet that you could actually see yourself having in your home.  He described and demonstrated how he worked with the animals and talked about being at their eye level, capturing their attention, and then quickly snapping the pictures.

If nothing else, this presentation reminded me how important the “picture we paint” really is.  We at Entrusted Legacy believe that every youth needs and deserves a positive role model and mentor.  We believe that these role models and mentors must receive training so they can be effective and have a positive impact on the youth.  We believe that these role models and mentors have “best days” yet to come and we believe that the results of the positive interactions between youth and adults will pay big dividends.  We believe that our pictures are of caring, dedicated adults, and bright, eager youth who just need a bit of support.  We hope you join with us in capturing a picture of possibility and passion.  At Entrusted Legacy we ask you to entrust your legacy with us and help us to highlight the great work of those in the afterschool world and strengthen their opportunity to be a positive influence on the youth they serve.  Go to our website at and DONATE now.

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