Charitable Contributions

Glorious Give-Aways

Entrusted Legacy is proud to share recorded broadcasts in both video and audio formats.  We have also combined our efforts with Consult 4 Kids and have a collection of videos as part of our give-aways.  These videos are for  folks new to working with youth. Click to learn more.

Fantastic Freebies

Entrusted Legacy has promotional items such as pencils, hats, and eBooks which we provide for free.  We also have written transcripts of our archived videos which can be helpful.  ETL is always looking for more ways to support your. For more information please click on link below.   

Generous Goodwill

Entrusted Legacy is always interested in the donations of items that we can sell with the help of our affiliate partners.  We also have opportunities for you to sponsor single or groups of youth workers to take our courses and scholarships you can apply for.


Who Can Utilize Entrusted Legacy's Free Items?

Anyone who works with youth as a volunteer, a paid professionals, or other kind of role model and mentor.  We're here for you.

Multiethnic Group of People with Colorful Outfit

People Like You

Working together we can bring the best possible learning experiences to youth who learn more by what we do than what we say.  Learn about being a positive role model and mentor for youth.

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Why not visit our contact page, we'd love to chat with you!