Sensational Services

Entrusted Legacy has well over 100 years of expertise and field experience to share with you.  We work with school day, expanded learning, and other youth workers. We offer three types of sensational services.  We provide careful consulting which allows us to work with you as a thought partner as you chart a new course.  Secondly, we offer keynote speaking to inspire your staff to continue to strengthen practice.  Finally, we will coach and mentor you and your staff as they work toward exemplary performance.

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Sensational Services

Face to Face

Entrusted Legacy has consultants with years of experience, ready to act as thought partners as you problem solve.  We also have keynote speakers, coaches and trainers.

Reciprocated Interactions

Entrusted Legacy can provide professional development and support via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or other platforms.  Our sessions are highly interactive and engaging.

Delayed Correspondence

Clients have different needs and ways in which the prefer to communicate.  If your schedule is buy and during the work day is crowded, consider support via email and text, which you can take on the road.

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"It has been very helpful to have Entrusted Legacy's Support.  I've gone through the training myself and have also taken advantage of scholarships for lesson plans.  My kids have loved them and I can attest to the fact they are kid approved."

Site Leader

Support Youth and Youth Workers

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