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Is Free REALLY Free? Today it is!

Entrusted Legacy provides a variety of free things to our subscribers.  We have a number of free consumable supplies for people to utilize with youth, free lesson plans for amazing hands-on activities and other reusable materials for use with young people.

Our mission is to support the adults who work with young people as positive role models and mentors.  To that end, we support them with phenomenal freebies.


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ETL's Fabulous Freebies

Consumable Supplies

ETL receives donations of consumable supplies from a variety of donors.  We are thrilled with the opportunity to pass these along to our subscribers.  If you are interested, complete the form below.

Free Games

Are you in the market for free games, especially if they are hands-on, minds on active learning games?  Entrusted Legacy has some free games to support learning.  Click here.

Ninety Nine

Math Blast

Its, It's, Your, You're

Reusable Materials

The difference between supplies and materials is that materials can be used over and over.  We have appropriate materials donated as well.  If you are interested, get in touch.

Grandparents Campaign


"Having a partner to support my desire to help afterschool programs was awesome, and ETL was that partner.  The Grandparents' Campaign was my way of giving back.  I was an elementary teacher for nearly 40 years and then worked with afterschool staff after I retired.  I believe the work they do has a positive influence on kids.  This campaign was my way of giving other seniors like me an opportunity to touch the future."

Debra, Grandmother

Support Youth and Youth Workers

Touch the future with YOUR legacy.  Invest in Entrusted Legacy's work today!