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Entrusted Legacy has a number of glorious give-aways to support you and your work.  We have archived broadcasts in video and audio formats.  We also have written materials such as eBooks and Tip Sheets.  Finally we have captured charts and Zoom white boards in digital format to make them available for you.

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ETL's Glorious Give-Aways!

Archived Video-Audio

ETL publishes a weekly blog to update donors, volunteers, and youth workers on our latest endeavors.  We also share insight into working with youth as positive role models and mentors.


Written Materials

Entrusted Legacy has eBooks, transcripts of broadcasts, and other written materials to support your learning and work.  Access by clicking on the button below.

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Digital Captures

Entrusted Legacy captures charts created in live sessions and the white board utilized during a Zoom meeting.  We then put these into digital format for you to access for FREE!


"I didn't know how great volunteering could make me feel.  I could only give 5 hours a week, but in that 5 hours I was able to get alot accomplished.  One week, I worked on donations for the Annual Raffle, created a newsletter, and researched information for a blog post.  I was able to give the best of me and help a great cause, all at the same time.  Thanks, Entrusted Legacy."

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