Powerful Products

Entrusted Legacy has some powerful products to offer our clients.  Live, face-to-face, in the same room, is always preferable.  But sometimes, it is just not possible to meet face-to-face in the same room.  There can be challenges of geography, traffic, well-being, and timing.  Yet, assistance is still needed, so we offer live, face-to-face support via Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime.  We also delayed interaction products which allow us to communicate via email and text if that is more convenient for you.

ETL offers online instruction which offers courses which are divided into minis, modules, lessons, and classes.  We have written materials in the form of eBooks, Vocational Training, tip sheets, and templates.  We also provide digital renderings to support learning.

We also have archived videos on specific topics that you can access.

Decision Time

You are at a crossroads.  It's time to select online instruction or learn more.

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Powerful Products

Online Training

At Entrusted Legacy we are proud to offer both free and paid courses.  Our Jump Start course is available for free, while courses to build the capacity and competence of expanded learning professionals are available at a reasonable cost.

Written Materials

Entrusted Legacy has eBooks, Vocational training, tip sheets, and templates that it makes available to our clients.  While some obtain infromation via media, written materials provide a fallback reference for our clients.

Digital Renderings

Entrusted Legacy is working on developing digital renderings which will engage our clients in a different way.  Digital renderings are fun and engaging and sure to get the point across in an entertaining way.

A Leader 1

"Sometimes at the end of the day I am tired and disappointed the day did not go better.  When I received a "surprising serendipity" from one of Entrusted Legacy's donors it made my day.  I call it my 'warm fuzzy'.  Thanks to those who donate and to ETL for acting as an intermediary."

Program Leader 

Support Youth and Youth Workers

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