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Entrusted Legacy offers a number of things you can purchase to strengthen your work with youth.  We have Lesson Plans, Learning Packets and Tool Boxes to support you in your work.  Our lesson plans come in activities (single lessons), kits (multiple lessons on one topic), and units (cross-curricular explorations of a topic).  Our learning packets are for individual students, and our Tool Boxes are designed to support adults who are the positive role models and mentors for children and youth.

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You are at a crossroads.  It's time to consider what you need to strengthen your practice.

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Lesson Plans, Learning Packets, and Tool Boxes

Lesson Plans

Entrusted Legacy has hands-on, minds-on lessons in English Language Arts, math, science, conflict resolution, character education, arts, and physical activity.  Access these through the "Shop Now" button.


Learning Packets

Entrusted Legacy has learning packets for individual youth.  These packets have English Language Arts and Math games and activities, Science investigations, and Art activities.  Access these through the "Shop Now" button below.

Tool Boxes

Entrusted Legacy has Tool Boxes designed to support  youth workers and their supervisors strengthen their practice in working with children and youth.  Templates, tips and more. Access these through the "Shop Now" button below.



"My children and grandchildren have benefited from participating in afterschool programs.  They have learned from caring, passionate people, hungry for training and support.  By giving money to Entrusted Legacy I know I am supporting the development of dedicated professionals so they can impact children as positive role models and mentors.  My contributions can join with those of others to have a collective impact.

Anonymous ETL Donor

Support Youth and Youth Workers

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