Children have learned to get your attention and their needs met.  Over the next 18 months they will learn how to communicate in actions and words as well as transform from sitting, to crawling, to walking and finally running.  All of this occurs before they ever participate in formal learning.  Einstein had an interesting take on learning.  He said, “It is not that I’m so smart.  But I stay with the questions much longer.”  Excellent words of advice not only for us but for the youth we work with.  Perseverance, “staying with the questions much longer,” helps us to be successful and to learn what we need to move forward.  When we stick to things and learn from them we can follow the advice of Mahatma Gandhi who advised, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Learning transforms us and helps us to become all we were meant to be.  It fuels a metamorphosis in us.  Each experience adds to that learning and as a result, leads us to understand that all we are and have experienced combine into a unique being who can proclaim, “I Matter!”  We each contribute to the universe and as a result, hopefully make a positive difference.


If you can be, choose to be a role model and mentor for youth.  If you can’t be, choose to support a youth worker who is.  Join us in our work at Entrusted Legacy.  www.entrustedlegacy.org or donate by going to http://entrustedlegacy.org/give-now-2

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