What Is Your Point of View?

What are you passionate about?  What is it that you want to accomplish?  I saw a clever license plate the other day and it shared this message:


After pondering the message for a while, I realized it said, “Live, Love, and Laugh Out Loud.”  I would agree with this sentiment, but I would also want to add “LAL” or Leave a Legacy.  I think it is important that each of us leave the world better than when we arrived, in other words leave a legacy that will support the realization of possibilities in our fellow humans.

Entrusted Legacy has a passion to ensure that everyone has a positive role model and mentor.  When I reflect on my own life I think about those special people who acted as a guide for me simply by being who they were and then being willing to share that with me.  They expected nothing in return and took pleasure from being the mentor and role model that I needed.  Entrusted Legacy strives to ensure that those who are in a position to be that positive role model and mentor, those who work with youth in the space afterschool, are well prepared to take the helm.  If you don’t have time to be a mentor yourself, leave a legacy that will support both the mentor and the mentee.  Contact us at support@centrustedlegacy.org or visit our website for more information.  www.entrustedlegacy.org

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