One Random Act of Kindness

Did you see the news about the college folks in Marion, Indiana?  What a wonderful tribute to the human spirit.  At the behest of one of the professors, the students were asked to think about the importance of “paying it forward.”  They were challenged to “do for one what they would do for everyone”, of course with the caveat of “if you could”.  After much discussion it was decided they would call for a pizza delivery and when the pizza arrived, do for the pizza delivery person what they would do for everyone if they could.

When the pizza arrived, an auditorium full of people were waiting, and the pizza delivery man was called up to the stage.  The professor shared with him the intent of what they were doing.  They showered the man with handwritten notes expressing their thanks for the work he does and the understanding of how often unappreciated he was.  They took up a collection and gave him a $1,268.00 tip.  Can you imagine how he must have felt?  When interviewed he said he would be able to afford a great Christmas for his kids, but for him, the importance was in the handwritten notes of encouragement and well wishes that really made a difference.

Our children and youth are no different than the pizza delivery man.  They too value the kind words and praises of others.  They too appreciate being recognized for a job well done.  They too benefit from the role models and mentors who are helping them learn to navigate in the world.  While you might not be able to be this role model and mentor, you can support one.  Pay it forward by joining us at Entrusted Legacy as we strengthen the promise of the future while ensuring the success of today.  You matter!  And YOU can make this happen.

If you can work directly with youth, wonderful!  Contact your local youth serving organization and volunteer.  If you can’t, support the youth worker with training and coaching support.  Please donate now at

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