United In Favor of Expanded Learning

In 1979 (before many of you were even born) Barry Manilow wrote and performed a song entitled One Voice.  The lyrics speak to the importance of one voice standing up and sharing with the world what they believe is important, and what begins with just one voice will be joined by other voices, and soon everyone will sing.  In today’s vernacular we would say the message has “gone viral”.

It’s hard to say what captures the hearts and minds of people, but if I could be granted one wish, I would wish for people to understand how important it is to ensure every youth has an opportunity to be happy and successful and influenced by a positive role model and mentor.  This world is complex and challenging.  We need to do everything we can to help youth stay on a move-forward path leading to the realization of the dreams they have.  For Entrusted Legacy and its partners, this isn’t a “nice to” but rather an essential part of securing our future as a community and a nation.  Will you provide that one voice?  Will you talk with those in your circle of influence to ensure they understand the importance of intentional out-of-school time learning?  Will you provide the advocacy and leadership needed to improve the investment we are making in the future?  If the answer is yes, please work closely with Entrusted Legacy to make a difference.

If you can work with youth directly, wonderful!  Contact your local youth serving agency and volunteer.  If you can’t, then support those who do by donating to Entrusted Legacy and supporting their training.  Go to “Give Now” at  Entrusted Legacy

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